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color selection skills of epoxy floor paint
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based on the in-depth and meticulous study of colors by scientists and psychologists, vermek floor came to the conclusion that "color can cure diseases". experiments have shown that colorful colors will become a kind of "nutrient" that is good for health, and vice versa.

   the so-called "color function" summarized by some experts is introduced below

  red: stimulate and excite the nervous system, increase the secretion of adrenaline and enhance blood circulation. however, when exposed to too much red, it will produce anxiety and emotional stress, which makes people who are prone to fatigue feel exhausted. therefore, avoid using too much red in the bedroom or study.

   blue: it can lower the pulse and adjust the balance of the body. using blue in the bedroom can eliminate tension and help relieve headaches, fever, dizziness and insomnia. the blue environment makes people feel elegant and tranquil.

  purple: it has a depressive effect on the motor nerve, lymphatic system and heart system, can maintain the balance of potassium in the body, and promotes the feeling of calm and love and caring for others.

   yellow: it can stimulate the nerves and digestive system and strengthen logical thinking, but the golden yellow decoration can easily cause instability and arbitrary behavior. therefore, it is best to avoid the use of golden furniture and furnishings in dormitories and activities.

   green: it is good for digestion, promotes body balance, and has a calming effect. it is good for people who are active or physically and mentally depressed. natural green has a certain effect on overcoming dizziness, fatigue and negative emotions.

   gray: stable; giving up; dignified; stable; protecting nature and instinct

   behavior: prepared; guarded; compromised; disciplined

   orange: produce vitality, induce appetite, help calcium absorption, and help restore and maintain health. this color is suitable for entertainment rooms, kitchens, etc., but not suitable for bedrooms and study rooms.

   indigo: it can adjust muscles, reduce or stop bleeding, can affect vision, hearing and smell, and can reduce the sensitivity of the body to pain. this color is not suitable for decoration, but if it is used on cloth, it can give people a sense of security.

epoxy floors are mostly used in industrial floor systems, such as factories, parking lots, production workshops, etc. in this way, it is better to choose gray, green, and blue for epoxy floors. of course, this is vermek floor according to the color the lessons learned are for your reference only.

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