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the new zero pollution coating has passed the expert appraisal
time:2021-09-13 read: 4390
  according to reports, a new type of interior and exterior wall paint with zero voc (volatile organic compound), zero formaldehyde, and zero heavy metal characteristics has passed the national expert appraisal of new product achievements in beijing. experts believe that this new type of "dry powder latex paint for interior and exterior walls" has the characteristics of zero pollution, fills the gap in the industry in terms of product form, and is at the leading domestic level in terms of technical route and quality level, and has a large space for promotion.

  according to reports, this new type of paint was developed and produced by meihe paint co., ltd. of baoding city, hebei province. after testing by authoritative departments, no voc, formaldehyde, heavy metals, etc. have been detected. the standard stipulates ≥5000 times), the exterior wall paint is artificially aged for 1300 hours (the national standard stipulates that the superior grade is resistant to artificial aging for 600 hours), and other properties have reached the superior quality level stipulated by the national standard. the investigation confirmed that the technical route adopted and the achieved quality level of this new type of coating have not been reported in china.

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