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evaluation method of coating leveling
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1. sample preparation: use the selected resin and the leveling agent to be selected, according to the recommended range of dosage, divide the work curve into equal parts, and prepare 10 samples.

2. test:

2.1. compatibility, whether the paint sample is clear and transparent;

2.2. judgment of clarity: whether the paint sample is cured by scraping the film, whether the surface is clear, whether the shadow outline is clear, etc.;

2.3. foam stabilization ability, for each paint sample, disperse at 3000 revolutions for 25 minutes, and install a test tube to see the foaming overflow speed, and the foam breaking speed;

2.4, the instantaneous leveling speed, someone described it before;

2.5. surface control ability, spray curing, see if there are long and short waves on the surface;

2.7, anti-shrinking ability,

2.8. the effect of recoating, recoating without sanding the original paint, judge the adhesion between layers.

3. evaluation of process influencing factors:

use the established resin, change to different solvents and different dispersion speeds, and compare the results of the aforementioned factors. evaluate the dependence of the leveling agent on shear force and working solvent.

4. evaluation of influencing factors of physical and chemical properties:

mainly evaluate stain resistance, abrasion resistance, chemical resistance, etc., the difference between addition and no addition.

if the above evaluation is okay, there is basically no problem. not only can it be used, but the risk of later application problems is also small. if there is an abnormality in some indicators, it does not affect the overall situation and can be used, but it is necessary to record clearly what the abnormality is about. maybe it will be the basis for future product inspection and technical services.

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